OAA Membership Benefits

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Since 1974 the Olney Art Association has grown to include over 70 members.

OAA holds membership meetings each year on the first Tuesday evening of January, March, May, July and September.

Our meeting location is changing at this time.  Please keep checking the calendar for location details.  We hope to again have a more permanent meeting place within the next few months.  Our former meeting room, the Olney Community Room, is no longer available.  We hear it has been rented out as a health spa. 

The membership meetings are informative and include art demonstrations by well-known artists and other presentations aimed at giving the members a wide spectrum of new ideas and motivation for their own work. Among the members of OAA are art teachers, some of whom instruct and hold workshops within Montgomery County. These visual fine artists have a wide range of interests including oil painting, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, photography and digital art.

Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter which is a valuable resource of information about area art shows, workshops, general art news, member activities and monthly meeting updates.

OAA sponsors an annual juried show at various venues and an annual show at Sandy Spring Museum.

OAA cooperates with other art, business and government organizations to provide members opportunities to exhibit at local offices, businesses and public spaces.

OAA mentors new members.